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Waupaca Foundry 威尼斯注册送38元 for 汽车 Components

汽车 OEMs, Tier 1s Choose Waupaca Foundry


Trusted Supplier of 威尼斯注册送38元 to Auto Industry

Leading automotive manufacturers count on Waupaca Foundry for cast and machined iron casting components.

’Auto OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers trust Waupaca Foundry to deliver world-class iron castings at the best possible cost, thanks to our process control, reputation for reliability, and industry-leading automation, 技术, 和设备. We back it all up with best-in-class quality management and customer service.

Waupaca Foundry produces various material grades of gray iron, 球墨铸铁, and high-strength 球墨铸铁. Castings produced at Waupaca Foundry are found in auto engine parts, suspension components, 刹车系统, 动力传动系统组件, 和更多的. We’ve built our reputation on precision and consistent quality. Strict process control and adherence to the strictest of specifications mean you get the exact same casting every time. Dimensional control leads to improved machine tool life and reduced costs. 

汽车 Components



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Suspension Components
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汽车 OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers use our iron castings to manufacture a variety of light vehicle components, 包括:

  • Engine components – crankshafts, 飞轮, 括号, 轴承帽, 滑轮, 燃料rails, 平衡轴, oil pumps and water pumps
  • Suspension components – knuckles and control arms
  • Driveline components – differential cases, differential carriers, 动力传动系统轭, axle tubes and many more
  • Braking systems – brake disc rotors, 卡尺, 制动锚, 刹车性能, wheel 中心 and brake 鼓

有5个 Waupaca Foundry locations across the United States, we minimize your supply chain risk with the ability to transfer parts to various operations as needed. A unilateral manufacturing process means we offer unparalleled risk mitigation. 

The Waupaca Foundry team understands that in today’s automotive manufacturing environment, you’re tasked with sourcing suppliers who delivering the lowest cost while ensuring stability and performance, without sacrificing quality. We are committed to meeting each manufacturer’s VA / VE, 轻量化, or cost and quality targets. 

When you choose Waupaca Foundry iron castings for automotive aftermarket and OEM parts, 交货准时, at the best possible cost.

Trusted Supplier of 汽车 威尼斯注册送38元

Waupaca Foundry produces a host of gray iron, 球墨铸铁, austempered 球墨铸铁, and compacted graphite iron castings for automotive engine components, suspensions components, 动力传动系统组件 and 刹车系统.

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